Personal Edition

Professional Edition

General Product Features

Updated! Easy-to-use User Interface

New! Contextual Help for all user interface controls

Back up disk or partition

Regular backup


New! Back up files


New! Restore files


Restore disk or partition

Restore from Recovery CD

Updated! Archive database


Image mounting


Virtual operations


Updated! MS Windows XP/Vista 64-bit support

General Backup Features

Schedule Backup operations


Backup to Backup Capsule


Backup to USB or FireWire device

Backup to Network


Updated! Backup to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray


Backup Compression


Backup Encryption


Advanced Backup Features

Paragon Hot Backup™ support

MS VSS support



Choice of Hot Processing method



Differential Backup


New! File Incremental backup to a File Backup


New! File Incremental backup to a Full Image


Synthetic backup



Cyclic Backup



Backup Capsule management



New! Exclude files and folder during backup



New! Dual-boot Backup Capsule



Bootable archives on CD/DVD



Synchronous Backup of multiple volumes



Split archive into separate volumes



Merge archives



Change compression level and encryption



Backup snapshot pre- and post-processing



General Restore Features

Restore partition with resize

Partial Restore

New! Restore files


Restore within BTEenvironment

File Transfer Wizard


Advanced Restore Features

New! Adaptive Restore


Recovery Media (Recovery CD) Features

New! Complete integration of Recovery CD into installation package

Recovery Media Builder

New! Recovery CD on flash drive

Several recovery environments on Recovery CD




Boot Corrector


Copy Wizard



Simple Restore Wizard


File Transfer Wizard


Network support


Dynamic Volume Features

Dynamic Volumes Hot Backup



Dynamic disks restore with Auto-resize



Convert Dynamic Disks to Basic



GPT Hard Disk Features

New! Backup GPT disks


New! Restore GPT disks restore with resize


New! Backup and restore Apple Boot Camp configurations



Usability and Service Features

Script language and command-line support



Generate Script from the list of operations



Net Burner



E-mail notifications



Volume Explorer


Scheduled Tasks List


Simple Partitioning


Clear free space



Shut down on complete


New! Blu-Ray Disc Support


Supported Operation Systems

Windows 2000 Professional

Windows XP Home

Windows XP SP2 Professional 32/64-bit

Windows Vista 32/64-bit