Partition Manager Server


Server Edition

Server Edition (Technician License Included)

Enterprise Server Edition (Technician License Included)

Market focus

Managing partitions and volumes on Windows® Server

Windows® server and workstations reconfiguration, upgrades, deployment, backup and disaster recovery with cost-effective licensing

Enterprise-class administration tool for server and desktop partitions. Designed to re-configure, upgrade, backup, deploy servers and workstations with minimum downtime.

Basic partitioning

Advanced partitioning

Setup and maintenance multi-boot environment

Correct boot problems


Simple partition/disk backup before critical operation

Copy Features


Advanced backup functionality






Zero-Install operation



MS VSS Support



Restore partition/disk

Paragon Hot Processing Engine

Unattended operations support



Server Support

Technical Support  service

Complimentary Support (for 60 days)

Complimentary Support  (for 1 year)

Extended Support (for 1 year)



Technician license*1
(for 1 year)

Technician license*1
(for 1 year)

Number of servers is allowed to work on

1 Server